play Coming Back

from Half Past November

Coming Back

Words and Music by Alex Freeman

Alex Freeman, Piano and vocals
Tuuli Saarnio, Accordion and vocals
Lauri Schreck, Drums and vocals
Sara Suvela, Bass and vocals

Produced by Lauri Schreck
at the Sibelius Academy

And now I think that I would like some time alone.
I'll stick around a while but then I'm going home.
You can answer
or don't answer:
Either way you think you've won.
You can stay now...
No...but... hey, now I'd prefer you go away.

And now I'm walkin' around this city
I'm thinkin' to myself how it'd be
pretty strange
if I saw you
and I called out to you
maybe we would talk about it
But I don't know
What I would say
You don't listen anyway

And that day
I thought it was all OK
But I was wrong
For the first time
Ok, not the first time
But the last time
Ok, not the last time...

But I'm not the only one.

And that's the last thing that I'd ever say to you
You think it's drastic but I think you know it's true.
You can answer
or don't answer,
but it lingers-- you know that.
And I think I'll disappear...
And I'm never coming back.