You can listen to and purchase September here now!

We recorded this in late March in Kallio Kuninkala (in Järvenpää) and in the Siba studio in Helsinki. I was deathly ill the whole time and just managed to have a voice in my last few days in Finland over spring break. Tuomas Logren came and put the final touches on this earlier this week (all that beautiful guitar work) and Jon-Patrick worked his magic, making all the details sing, and sent it to me in the last couple of days. Plug in the best headphones you've got, sit back, and listen. We hope you enjoy it!

Also, regarding this recording and its production, take a minute to look at this:


Words and music by Alex Freeman

Alex Freeman, Piano and vocals
Tuomas Logren, Guitars
Tuuli Saarnio, Accordion
Lauri Schreck, Drums
Sara Suvela, Bass

Produced by Jon-Patrick Kuhlefelt
at the Sibelius Academy studios in Helsinki and Järvenpää