29 September 2018 Scintilla, for microtonal ensemble. You can read about Juhani Nuorvala's microtonal masterclass and the October Festival in Oulu here !

15 May 2018 Under the Arching Heavens: A Requiem, my evening-length a cappella work for Helsinki Chamber Choir will be premiered on the 100th anniversary of the end of the Finnish civil war. You can read about it here !

3 February 2018 Blueshift performed by Society for New Music at Froehlich Hall, Gearan Center for the Performing Arts, Hobart and William Smith campus, Geneva. 8:00 pm.

19 December 2017 Kuutamo metsässä (from Four Songs After Poetry of Aaro Hellakoski, 2004), Värina Chamber Choir, Kallio Church, conducted by Noora Hirn. These seasonal concerts by Värinä are held in candlelight and are really special events! 19:00

16 December 2017 O magnum mysterium and Carols for Yuletide, Audite choir, conducted by Jani Siven, at Roihuvuori Church. 19:00

14 December 2017 Kuutamo metsässä (from Four Songs After Poetry of Aaro Hellakoski, 2004), Värina Chamber Choir, Kallio Church, conducted by Noora Hirn. 20:00

12 December 2017 O magnum mysterium and Carols for Yuletide, Audite choir, conducted by Jani Siven, at Olaus Petri Church. 19:00

18 November 2017 Sateen jälkeen (2017), a new setting of the poetry of Aaro Hellaakoski, will be premiered by Candomino Choir (conducted by Esko Kallio) with a small chamber ensemble (flute, cello, piano, and percussion). The concert is part of the 50th anniversary of the choir.

11 November 2017 Slow All Clocks II this time with more than twenty-five kanteles at the 30th anniversary of the Sibelius Academy’s kantele class. 17:00 in Camerata at the Helsinki Music Center.

27 July 2017 Niin pieniksi, performed by Sibelius Academy Lukio Chamber Choir. Reijo Aittakumpu, conductor. Also broadcast on YLE areena (Finnish public media).

23 May 2017 Niin pieniksi, performed by Kaamos Ensemble. Saara Aittakumpu, conductor.

25 April 2017 A Wilderness of Sea performed at Music Bienniale Zagreb by the Croatian Radiotelevision Choir. Nils Schweckendiek, conductor.

18 December 2016 Coventry Carol (Sextet version) and Wassail, from Carols for Yuletide, US premiere at First Presbyterian in New Canaan, CT, conducted by Victoria Shields! 4:00 pm.

18 December 2016 Carols for Yuletide and O Magnum Mysterium by Audite, 4:00 pm, Olaus Petrin Kirkko in Helsinki.

8 December 2016 Carols for Yuletide and O Magnum Mysterium by Audite, 7:00 pm, Vantaan Pyhän Laurin Kirkko in Vantaa.

3 December 2016 SOMNIUM ENSEMBLE: CD RELEASE CONCERT! O Magnum Mysterium is on their new CD and is on the program for the release concert, Mikael Agricolan Kirkko, 7:00 pm.

28 October 2016 Slow All Clocks II for clarinet, kantele, and electronics performed in Camerata at the Helsinki Music Center. This time in a new version with guzheng and zither. Come check it out!

23 October 2016 A Wilderness of Sea performed by Helsinki Chamber Choir at Trinitatis Church, Copenhagen, Denmark, 16:30 pm.

22 October 2016 A Wilderness of Sea performed by Helsinki Chamber Choir at Eric Ericsonhallen, Stockholm, Sweden, 3:00 pm.

11 October 2016 Slow All Clocks II for clarinet and e-kantele premiered by Eija Kankaanranta and Mikko Raasakka at Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten in Graz, Austria.

28 August 2016 A Wilderness of Sea performed by Helsinki Chamber Choir at Ritarihuone (Helsinki), 7:00 pm.

20 August 2016 A Wilderness of Sea performed by Helsinki Chamber Choir at Marble Hall, Sentralen, Oslo, Norway. 3:00 pm.

17 August 2016 The New York Public Library and Lincoln Center's 50th annual Mostly Mozart Festival host the premiere of Slows All Clocks, by pianist Jake Greenberg (the International Contemporary Ensemble).  9:00 pm.

1 June 2016 I Feel The Same Way children's songs performed at Helsinki Conservatory end of year festival.

23 April 2016 Helsinki Chamber Choir premieres a new work, A wilderness of sea, on Shakespeare’s birthday. If you are not in Helsinki, this will be broadcast on YLE Radio, so stay tuned for more information!

4 April 2016 I Feel The Same Way: Three Songs of Lilian Moore (2015) for children's choir premiered at Helsinki Conservatory by their choirs for young people, (Galante, and All 4 voices) Anna Nora, conductor.

27 February 2016 I am so honored to have received a 12-month working grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation!

24 January 2016 Nadia Sirota performs my new piece for solo viola, who listens in the snow, at The Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C.

20 December 2015 Jubilate performs O Magnum Mysterium Saksalainen Kirkko at 4:00 pm.

17 December 2015 Hiljaa Ensemble performs the 4-voice version of A Coventry Carol at 7:00 pm (premiere of this version) in Alppila Church.

17 December 2015 Audite Chamber Choir performs O Magnum Mysterium and Carols for Yuletide at Vantaan Pyhän Laurin Kirkko. 7:00 pm, Kirkkotie 45, Vantaa. Tickets 10/5.

12 December 2015 Audite Chamber Choir performs O Magnum Mysterium and Carols for Yuletide at Olaus Petrin Kirkko. 7:00 pm, Minervankatu 6, Helsinki. Tickets 10/5.

24 September 2015 World Premiere of String Quartet No. 1 at Merkin Concert Hall in Kaufman Music Center, performed by The Amernet Quartet and commissioned by the Jerome Foundation.

19 June 2015 US Premiere of Aerial Voices at Bargemusic! Salla Karakorpi performs. Freeman•Fuerst•Ott concert with four works by three composers.

19 February 2015 My fellow 2014 McKnight Fellowship recipients and I will talk about our work so far this year at the McKnight Salon. Alyssa Anderson and James Barnett will premiere a new art song setting of Lily Binns's Winter, 1980. The salon begins at 7 pm at the Landmark Center.

30 January 2015 I am so honored to announce a collaboration with Frame Dance Productions in Houston! Stay tuned for details. Here's the announcement.

11 December 2014 Audite Chamber Choir performs Carols for Yuletide at Hietaniemi Church in Helsinki. More information here.

15 August 2014 Album release concert for Pendulum, which includes a third recording of Night on the Prairies. The Parma Music Festival in Portsmouth, New Hampshire runs 13-16 August. Go check it out!

6 June 2014 Matthew Wozniak and Yalin Chi perform the premiere of the piano + bass trombone version of my Bass Trombone Concerto at the International Trombone Association at The Eastman School of Music.

23 May 2014 Honored to be among four composers selected for the 2014 McKnight Fellowship!

2 May 2014 Bryan Polacek conducts the Merit School of Music Wind Symphony in a performance of my Bass Trombone Concerto. Tanner Jackson, bass trombone. And special thanks to Tim Riordon!

25 March 2014 Parma Recordings releases the album Polarities, a compilation that features Blueshift, Mathew Fuerst's Symphony, and works by Katherine Saxon and Chi-Hin Leung. You can preview it HERE. And you can purchase the CD from Amazon and iTunes.

10 March 2014 I conduct Blueshift at St Olaf College in Urness Hall with The St Olaf Chamber players.

1 March 2014 Chamber Choir Värinä gives its debut performance in Paavalinkirkko with Niin pieniksi, from my Hellaakoski Songs, on the program. 6 pm Tickets at the door 15 / 10 EUR. Noora Hirn, conductor.

1 March 2014 Albany Records releases Inner Voice, an entire album of my complete piano works performed by Brian Lee, Risto-Matti Marin, Salla Karakorpi, and Matilda Kärkkäinen. Order it here!

13-31 December 2013 Christmas choral music is on rotation on Classical MPR and MPR's 24-Hour Choral Stream. Sheet music is available at my online store at NYC Music Services online store at NYC Music Services!

12 December 2013 Audite Christmas concert in Hietaniemen chapel. 7:00 pm at Hietaniemenkatu 20, Helsinki. Jani Sivén, conductor. Selections from Carols for Yuletide and other seasonal music, new and old.

4 December 2013 Ahjo Ensemble includes my O Magnum Mysterium on a concert with other settings of the same text through the ages and the beautiful and historic Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki. 7:00 pm. Tickets 15/10 EUR.

5 September 2013 Risto-Matti Marin performs Outside Voices during the Save the Baltic Sea Festival in Temppeliaukio (The Temple Rock Church) in Helsinki. 7:00 pm.

20 April 2013 Parma Recordings recording session of Blueshift took place in Roslindale, MA. You can read about it here!

21 March 2013 Atlantic Chamber Ensemble's "Project Beck" includes my arrangement of Beck's "The Last Polka" from Song Reader. You can read all about the project and the 20 commissions at The Atlantic Chamber Ensemble's website. If you are in Richmond, VA, you should not miss this show!

8 March 2013 CD release concert of Tapiola Choir's On Valo Syttynyt Ikkunaas, including my commissioned work for children's choir and electric kantele, Päivä ja Kuu / Night and Day. Eva Alkula joins the choir for this celebration of the choir's 50th anniversary. Tapiola Hall at 7pm. Read more about Tapiola Choir here!

16 February 2013 Ensemble 61 performs Blueshift in the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Music Room. The concert includes Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time and new music by Kirsten Broberg. 7:30 pm. More information here.

5 February 2013 Premiere of Aerial Voices (Variations on a theme of Charles Fussell) in the new Helsinki Music Center. Salla Karakorpi's debut concert will stream live at 7pm Helsinki time, which is high noon EST and 11 am here in Minnesota. Don't miss it! Here's a link.

9 December 2012 Sibelius Academy Vocal Ensemble performs O Magnum Mysterium on its Christmas Concert. Visa Yrjölä, Conductor.

15 November 2012 Hedi Viisma performs the Finnish premiere of Toccata for Estonian Kannel in Musiikkitalo in Helsinki. More information here.

23 October 2012 The Jerome Fund for New Music announced commission recipients! I'll compose a new piece for the Amernet Quartet. Be on the lookout for info on where to hear it!

27 July - 4 August 2012 Selected choral music performed during Europa Cantat in Torino, Italy by the HOL Choir.

28 April 2012 Cantabile premieres a short birthday piece entitled In which the repdigit in base 3 looms, in Paavalinkirkko, Helsinki. (Commissioned for the 40th anniversary celebration concert of Cantabile and the 40th anniversary of Alex Freeman.)

20 April 2012 New York City Premiere of Magnolia for Finnish kantele (Eva Alkula flies from Finland for this performance!) as part of the 2012 MATA Festival.

17 March 2012 Winter Pieces performed by Intersection at Middlebury College.

4 March 2012 Winter Pieces performed by Intersection at St Olaf College.

3 March 2012 O Magnum Mysterium performed by a joint effort of The Singers and the Carleton College Choir.

2 December 2011 Akateeminen joulukonsertti, Kallion kirkko, with Hämäläis-Osakunta Choir: O Magnum Mysterium

4 November 2011 MSG Matthew Wozniak performs Bass Trombone Concerto with the Ridgewood Concert Band in Ridgewood, New Jersey at 8pm in a Veterans Day concert. Dr. Christian Wilhjelm conducts. RCB All Star Jazz Band will play a prelude concert at 7:30.

7 October 2011 ACME performs Blueshift at the University of South Carolina School of Music. 7:30 pm, Recital Hall, rm. 206.

25 September 2011 Composer Richard Zarou's podcast No Extra Notes features Alex Freeman. Richard asks some questions and plays a few pieces, including a new recording of A Coventry Carol.

8 June 2011 Six-voice version of Coventry Carol will be performed in the finals at Tampereen Sävel by the English Vocal Consort of Helsinki.

10 May 2011 Blueshift performed by ACME at the MATA festival in NYC.

20 April 2011 Premiere of Päivä ja Kuu by Tapiola Choir. Päivä ja Kuu is illustrated by Mika Launis--slides are projected during the performance--and features the electric kantele, performed by Eva Alkula.

7 April 2011 The Finnish Institute in Paris, France hosts a concert of music of  Armas Launis, including music I transcribed and/or edited from manuscripts.

12 February 2011 Visiting composer at Hillsdale College in MI. The concert includes the US premiere of Outside Voices (Second Sonata for Piano) performed by Brad Blackham, Blueshift, and Night on the Prairies, for piano, along with music of Mathew Fuerst.

7 February 2011 World premiere of Toccata for Kannel in New York City. Toccata was commissioned by Hedi Viisma, who will perform the premiere of this work at Scandinavia House.

***2 February 2011 I received Honorable Mention in the Finale® National Composition Contest! You can read about it here.

22 January 2011 YLE recording session of Carols for Yuletide by Hämäläis-Osakunnan Laulajat.

16 January 2011 Introit for woodwind octet at Carleton College performed by ensemble of combined faculty and students.

8 January 2011 Risto-Matti Marin records Outside Voices.

19 December 2010 HOL performs Carols for Yuletide at Olaus Petri Church in Helsinki. You can catch the premiere of the six-voice version of Coventry Carol by the English Vocal Consort of Helsinki in Helsinki's Tuomiokirkko at 7pm.

10 December 2010 Hämäläis-Osakunnan Laulajat (HOL) premiere Chanticleer and Four Thousand Winters at Akateeminen Joulukonsertti, an evening of Christmas choral music. Click here for HOL's Christmas concert schedule. You can catch these new carols along with two other carols in my Carols for Yuletide in Roihuvuori Church on the 14th, (where the double-choir version of my setting of Coventry Carol, originally for solo horn and choir, will be premiered), in Tampere in Tuomiokirkko on the 18th, and again in Olaus Petri Church in Helsinki on the 19th!

3 November 2010 Members of The Catholic University of America Orchestra, David Searle, Conductor, perform Blueshift at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.

17-20 September 2010 Fifth International Sibelius Conference: I gave a talk on sketches of Sibelius's Fourth Symphony at Oxford University.

4 July 2010 Risto-Matti Marin premieres Outside Voices (Second Sonata) at Mänttä Music Festival.

12 December 2009 HOL performs A Coventry Carol on their joint Christmas concert with Hiljaa Ensemble at Paavalin kirkko in Helsinki (Kallio).

***Lehdellä nominated for 2010 EMMA award (Finnish Grammy equivalent) for year's best classical album!!*** More info in Finnish here.

4 December 2009 SOI performs my transcription for chamber orchestra of the orchestral overture to the second act of Armas Launis's opera Kullervo at Sellosali in Leppävaara.

4 December 2009 Hämäläis-Osakunnan Laulajat perform world premiere of A Coventry Carol for mixed choir and French horn at the Academic Christmas Concert (AJK) in Helsinki.

12 November 2009 Risto-Matti Marin performs Night on the Prairies at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN.

16 October 2009 Transcription of the orchestral overture to the second act of Armas Launis's opera Kullervo for piano quartet premiered at the Armas Launis Symposium in Helsinki celebrating the composer's 125th birthday. The concert takes place in the Finnish National Library at 6pm.

18 October 2009 Society for New Music performs Blueshift in conjunction with Syracuse University's Syracuse Symposium celebrating light. For more info click here.

18 September 2009 Brian Lee performs Sonata for piano solo at Wheaton College Conservatory of Music, 3:15 pm.

24 June 2009 Risto-Matti Marin gives Night on the Prairies its Finnish premiere at the music festival in Mänttä.

1 May 2009 Four Songs of Hellaakoski now available at Alba records on HOL's new album Among The Leaves aka Lehdellä.

25 April 2009 Hämelaulu premiere at HOL's 80th anniversary celebration.

21 March 2009 CD RELEASE! Four Songs of Hellaakoski released by Alba Records. HOL performs selections from the new album at Temppeliaukio in Helsinki at 6pm.

7 March 2009 Intersections (Gao Hong, Nikki Melville, Jun Qian, and David Hagedorn) perform Winter PIeces at the MacPhail Center in Minneapolis.

12 December 2008 Hämäläis-Osakunnan Laulajat perform O Magnum Mysterium on their Christmas concert, "Alilo!" at Olaus Petri Church in Helsinki. The program includes a rich mixture of English, Finnish, and Georgian Christmas music. If you're in HKI, don't miss it! More info here.

10 December 2008 Metsoforte performs O Magnum Mysterium in Lähetyskirkko, Helsinki at 7 p.m, along with some Gabrieli and others (also...if you're in HKI, don't miss it!).

15 November 2008 AFPS's September featured in Eric Gansworth's Re-Creation Story at the Public Theater in NYC! More info here.

26 October A new short work, Introit for wind octet, will be premiered at Carleton College by members of Carleton and St. Olaf music faculty. More info here.

13 October 2008 AFPS single Connected released! Click here to listen!

3 October 2008 Night on the Prairies can be heard on Nikki Melville's faculty recital at Carleton College.

13 August 2008 Night on the Prairies and Melville's Dozen now available at emusic emusic! Check it out by clicking here!

5 August 2008 Magnolia, as recorded by Eva Alkula, broadcast on Finnish Public Radio (YLE1).

6 June 2008 Nikki Melville's solo CD, Melville's Dozen, which includes Alex's Night on the Prairies, is now available through Innova! As the description says, "A generous helping of brand new piano music." Go check it out by clicking here!!

24 May 2008 Hämäläis-Osakunnan Laulajat perform Niin Pieniksi on their spring concert in Temppeliaukion Kirkko (the "rock church") in Helsinki at 7:30 pm. If you are in the area you can hear HOL sing Kreek, Kuula, Reger, Poulenc, Sibelius, Nystedt, and Whittall's Sakura, from his beautiful choral set, Shiki.

6 May 2008 My profile at FIMIC (Finnish Music Information Center) is now active.

3 May 2008 Brian Lee performs Three Pieces and Sonata for piano--Chicago premieres! If you are in the Chicago area, check it out at Torrey-Gray Auditorium!

26 April 2008 AFPS's new recording September is posted on the popshow page. Listen here!

21-22 March 2008 AFPS records AFPS originals Connected and September in Kallio Kuninkala! Just north of Helsinki, the band retreats to the lovely countryside for some recording and sauna. New AFPS songs are on the way!

7 March 2008 Nikki Melville performs Night on the Prairies, 12:15pm, part of the PianoForte Salon Series at the PianoForte Foundation, broadcast on WFMT 98.7 FM. You can listen to it live here.

1 March 2008 Carleton College Choir performs O Magnum Mysterium

1 March 2008 Alex is DJ for a Day at KRLX Radio! 4-5pm. Listen to the recorded hour here!

8 February 2008 Performance of Magnolia, Piano Sonata, Blueshift, and Intermezzo at Carleton College--all US Premieres. More details HERE.

18 January 2008 Alex's website goes live! Lots of areas still under construction, but Alex's web home is open--welcome!

23 December 2007 AFPS records classic AFPS hit "Drive" at legendary studio Finnvox in Helsinki check it out at the AFPS page!!

18 December 2007 HOL performs O Magnum Mysterium in Helsinki

14 December 2007 Alex performs the role of Saint Nicolas in Britten's St. Nicolas in Kuopio with Atso Almila and Puijon Kamarikuoro.